Community Orchard

The primary purpose of Friends of Midsummer Common is to gather support and make representations to the appropriate authorities in order to encourage the good management and responsible use of this ancient grassland. A balance must be found between protecting the physical environmental and encouraging the use and enjoyment of Midsummer Common and its facilities by members of the public. Individual activities, team games and organised events take place on the Common throughout the year. Check out their website for activities such as a bat hunt planned for July!

Community Orchard

The conservation plan for the Common proposed a community orchard. This has been championed by FoMC with great results. A second batch of trees have now been planted, and work continues to improve the orchard area.

Major Events on the Common

FoMC draws its support from all over the City and beyond; BruNK works closely with them to deal with issues that specifically affect local residents,.

This is particularly in connection with the range of great events that take place on the Common and can attract very large crowds, like fairs and firework displays. BruNK is prominent in liaising with the council and the police to help ensure that these events go off smoothly and that local people and their property are safe.

Strawberry Fair

The recent fair was a good example. A few years ago the historic fair was cancelled due to excessive unruliness, many arrests for drink and drunkenness and public urination, often in local residents' gardens.Many local pubs actually shut (and some still do) during this event.

This year the situation was altogether different. BruNK attended a large number of meetings to argue for improved fencing and security along the south side of the Common, clearer signage for the entry points to the Fair, and supported the council and police in all areas of their activities including sound level monitoring and strict adherence to the cut off time of the event itself. This seems to have paid off as there were just two arrests, and only minimal local complaint, the main one we followed up on being apparent traffic movement on the Common at 1.40 am on the Sunday morning after. We will be active in ensuring similar levels of scrutiny for all forthcoming events which include Midsummer Fair where we will attend the daily briefing meetings with the authorities and event management.